Revisting Inspiration / by Aaron Radionoff

As I pack my things in preparation to move my life to Springfield, MO, I stumbled across a couple of ticket stubs from old concerts. One of which was from an Underoath tour in 2008 with Saosin and The Devil Wears Prada. At the impressionable young age of 15, this was my first encounter with heavy music in a live setting. I remember being inspired to give 110% in everything I do after watching Prada. I remember gawking over the abilities of one of my favorite drummers at the time watching Saosin. And maybe most of all, I remember the sheer creativity of Underoath's set. This was the first time I had seen a band use multimedia to control the atmosphere of the room.

Finding this ticket stub reminded me of the excitement and love I first had when I experience some of my all time favorite bands live. Revisiting these memories has been great for renewing inspiration and opening my mind to all kinds of new possibilities in every aspect of my life!


Never stop inspiring, and never stop being inspired.