YOU Are YOUnique / by Aaron Radionoff

One thing that I love about people is that we're all the same, yet we're all so insanely different. Take, for example, the photo of my eyes above: My whole life I had said that my eyes were 2 different shades, and I would always get told that I was crazy because some people couldn't see it. I kind of put it to the wayside until I recently decided it would be cool to take a macro photo of my eye. It allowed me to remember how wonderfully special I really am (and don't worry, you are too)! Everyone is created so uniquely, whether it is physically or emotionally. There's something about YOU that sets you apart from everyone else. Think about THAT for a second. I work with students at church every week and I see them struggle with trying to be themselves for fear of looking weird or not fitting in. Unforunately that struggle for me didn't end until I was almost out of high school. Those 4 years would have been different if I would have just stepped back and realized...that it's okay to be different. Everyone is wonderfully created with something that is special to only them, and once people start to appreciate that thing in themselves and in other people, I think we will start to see a more understanding and positive culture; and once people are 100% true to themselves, we will start to see a culture filled with world changers.


So I pose the question: What makes you unique? How do you stand out? Feel free to share, so we can discuss in the comment section below!